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Conveyancing prices

Below is a guide to our fees for the sale or purchase of your freehold property, including dealing with any purchase registration at the Land Registry.
The figures below are a guide – we will always provide you with a specific costs estimate based on the details of your particular transaction.
We can also act for your mortgage provider and with the administration involved to make payment of Stamp Duty Land Tax (Stamp Duty), once you have provided us with the necessary funds to do so on your behalf.
Ring us on 01789 292238 or email admin@robertlunnlowth.co.uk and we will be happy to clarify any details and let you have a full estimate based on your particular property.
Properties priced up to £1 million in the region of £600 up to £2000 plus VAT.
For transactions of over £1 million we will provide you with a specific estimate depending on the particular circumstances and property.
For purchasing a property of up to £1 million in the region of £600-£2000 plus VAT depending on the value of the property.
For properties over £1 million we will provide you with a specific estimate depending on the particular property and circumstances
Leasehold properties involve extra work. This is due to the requirements of leases, consents from landlords etc.
Sales or purchases of leaseholds in the region of £750-£2400 plus VAT for properties up to £1 million in value.
For properties over £1 million we will provide you with a specific estimate depending on the particular property, lease and circumstances.
Remortgage fee from £515.
Contact us with specifics and we will be very happy to provide a more specific figure.
Additional items
In all the above cases we may need to make the following additional specific charges for our work.
  • Electronic money transfer fee £50
  • Electronic ID Verification fee £15 per person
  • Fee for dealing with Stamp duty Land Tax submission £50
  • VAT payable at current rate of 20% on each of the above amounts
All the above fees assume that:
  1. A straightforward transaction with no unusual or unforeseen complications
  2. Other parties co operate reasonably and do not cause delays.
  3. No indemnity policies are required.
In addition to our fees there will be “disbursements” these include: –
  • Title information from Land Registry (e.g. £3 per document or plan)
  • Local authority searches. These are typically in the region of up to £300.
  • Other searches if specifically required e.g. drainage, highways, flood risk, environmental contamination, may be required in particular cases and individual items can be between £50-£100 per item depending on the property and area.
  • Registration of your property.
  • If you are purchasing property part of the transaction involves us registering it at HM Land Registry which can involve a fee with them of between £20-£910. A link to the HM Land Registry fee site is below.
  • SDLT. Last (but not least!) is Stamp Duty Land Tax. Recent developments have made this more complex and the likely possible amount can be found by accessing the SDLT website below.