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Wills, Trusts & Probate


Many people put off arranging their Will until later in life, but it is never too early to organise one. Robert Lunn and Lowth are solicitors based in Stratford-upon-Avon and can help you with your Will.
Do I need a will?

People often assume there is no need to make a will thinking

"my partner will get everything anyway"
This is not the case if there are children, parents, grandparents, and all manner of other relatives.
If there is no will the rules of "intestacy" apply. 

A Will can be a vital planning tool to ensure your hard earned belongings and assets are passed on to those who you want to have them, instead of according to the law. This can also assist those we love and care for after we are gone, as our wishes are clearly stated. It can also provide fairly significant tax advantages too.
It can also be useful to make you consider who you don't want your assets to go to, as much as who you would like to inherit them.
A Will is also important if you have a child from a previous relationship or you re-marry. Also, if any children are under the age of 18, you need to consider who would look after them or be their guardians in the event of both parents having died.
We can offer advice and assistance in a variety of areas such as tax planning schemes, tax advice, Wills, lasting powers of attorney, trusts to name but a few. There have also been some changes to these areas recently.
For more information:-
A Will Questionnaire can be provided upon request to help point out things you need to consider. Please telephone or email us to see how we can help.
 Will questionnaire– click here to download a will questionnaire.


For more information, or to make an initial appointment contact admin@robertlunnlowth.co.uk